Seniors’ Care Home Leaders…

Transform Residents’ Families Into Raving Fans Through Better Relationships


As a leader in seniors’ care, you have the privilege to care for people during their deepest time of need.

And yet it can feel like an emotional burden at times.

You love that you are there to support your residents and their families when they need you, yet the responsibility can feel heavy.

You spend endless hours thinking and strategizing about how to improve the care in your home…

And you routinely worry about things like:

  • Upset families
  • Resident behaviour/expressions and challenges
  • Keeping staff motivated + engaged
  • Adhering to regulatory compliance
  • Negative media coverage
  • Staff morale
  • Staying on budget while providing the best care
  • Staff shortages
  • Potential neglect within your home…

All this distress is taking its toll on you and affecting your quality of life. And how people often judge and feel about the role of seniors’ care doesn’t feel good…

When the reality is, you care! And your team members care! Or you wouldn’t be so committed to doing what you do.

But what if I told you it didn’t need to be this way?

That you can have a seniors’ care home where resident families value what you do…
… and there is shared empathy between your staff, residents and their families.

And that something as simple as building relationships is what will change everything for you…
… and for everyone who lives and works in your home.

“We found the training and coaching to be very intentional and current.  Her session was the most liked and engaging experience we had. Deborah has a unique mix of HR skills, personal experience and business experience which allows her to ensure that her coaching is geared to her audience and supports the organization’s strategic goals.  Her insights and counsel have been very valuable to me, and to my team! I highly recommend the journey with Deborah!”

– Niklas Chandrabalan, Regional Director

Hi, I’m Deborah…

And I’ve been on both sides of seniors’ care.

I worked for eleven years in the corporate side of seniors’ care (home care, long-term care, and retirement living) and I loved the work we did.

But it was my four years as a resident’s wife that really highlighted how important it is to offer staff a different way to approach their families with compassion and empathy…

And also maintain an effective and professional relationship as they care for other people’s loved ones as residents.


Seniors’ care is emotional and demanding. There is no denying that.

But what I learned is that when staff members feel supported they have a higher degree of empathy. And this allows them to respond with more compassion and resolve challenges and conflict faster.

You have an extremely important role to play as the population ages (and for the residents currently in your care)…

I know the seniors’ care business well. And I care about you and your staff.

As a certified corporate coach and a positive psychology practitioner, I can help you and your team develop highly effective skills to bridge the relationship gap between families, residents and staff.

If you want to improve the culture in your Seniors’ Care Home, then you have several options to work with me…

The Family Matters Program™

The focus of this multi-phase program is to develop a healthy, more vibrant culture within your home. Take an intentional approach to build strong relationships with families based on trust, respect, and partnership.

RECIPE Program

Admissions day is extremely stressful for families leaving their loved ones in your care. Discover how small, yet powerful, changes to your Admissions experience can make it a more positive outcome for everyone.

Additional Courses

You love to nurture people in their time of need. But you rarely get time to enjoy this side of the business because you’re in constant reactive mode. Discover how you can learn to lead with intention and ditch the drama with an interactive course.

We can’t change what’s happening, but… we can always choose how we respond