Revolutionizing Relationships in Seniors’ Care

Empower your staff with training + support to amplify trust and build respect as partners in care


Bridging the Gap: Fostering Empathy Between Families and Staff

In the world of Seniors' Care, there's often an unseen struggle between families and the dedicated staff. Emotions run high, tensions simmer beneath the surface, and misunderstandings abound. But there's a way to break through this barrier.

By fostering genuine understanding and empathy, we can transform these relationships. Let's work together to bridge the gap, easing the burden on families and caregivers alike. It's not just about providing care – it's about building meaningful connections that bring comfort and ease to all involved.

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Build a Community of Care and Understanding

Your staff will feel more confident and competent in being able to communicate and connect with families across the board. You'll gain the trust of family members in the process.

Gain insight through education and empowerment.

We offer training, education, and programs that provide practical tools to support organizations and staff navigating the emotional journey of working with residents and their families.

I’m Deborah Bakti and I’ve been on both sides of seniors’ care.

One moment we’re the conventional suburban family: career, two kids, four level side split home, and the next my husband Ty is diagnosed with a disease that only 400 people in the world have. There’s no cure and no way out other than a slow degenerative passage that he’s forced, by necessity, to be shepherded through with the support of long term care living...and dying.


I’ve lived the resident’s family member's journey three times over with my dad, husband, then mom. And not once did anyone hand me a playbook!

The irony and maybe the mercy here is that I actually worked in the senior's care industry, so I knew the operational side of things, and the many challenges and pressures. Then I got tagged with this residents’ wife identity in this new, harrowing, unwanted and oversized compartment of my life.

After 25+ years of climbing the corporate ladder to an executive position, I was called to step off the rungs since I couldn’t stay on the well-worn path.

I know what it's like to be on both sides of the table and that perspective is exactly what you need to make lasting and effective change.

Three steps to transforming care environments:

Step 1: Schedule a conversation

We'll chat about your home's specific needs and Deborah will offer up the right solution and a customized approach (staff training, family education, or admission review & redesign.)

Step 2: Implement the customized approach

Integrate the practical tools and principles learned in your home and enhance your staff, resident, and family interactions.

Step 3: Cultivate a culture of empathy

Foster an environment of open communication and mutual support, benefitting residents, their families and your care team members.

Hear from those transformed by Deborah’s approach:

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Create a nurturing environment for seniors and their families

  • Create a supportive space that nurtures the well-being of staff, residents and families
  • Gain practical tools to navigate the emotional complexities of working in seniors’ care
  • Transform biases and unrealistic expectations into a mindset of understanding and support

Take the first step towards transformative senior care education. Join the movement to revolutionize relationships in seniors’ care with empathy and understanding.