I’ve been on both sides of seniors’ care

One moment we’re the conventional suburban family: career, two kids, four level side split home, and the next my husband Ty is diagnosed with a disease that only 400 people in the world have. There’s no cure and no way out other than a slow degenerative passage that he’s forced, by necessity, to be shepherded through with the support of long term care living...and dying.

Talk about having the rug pulled out from beneath you…

I’ve lived the resident’s family member's journey three times over with my dad, husband, then mom. 

Seriously, 3 times?

And not once did anyone hand me a playbook! 

The irony and maybe the mercy here is that I actually worked in the senior's care industry, so I knew the operational side of things, and the many challenges and pressures. Then I got tagged with this residents’ wife identity in this new, harrowing, unwanted and oversized compartment of my life.

You know that saying - “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Through all of the uncertainty, the therapy, the tears and the teeth gritting, a new calling emerged.

After 25+ years of climbing the corporate ladder to an executive position, I was called to step off the rungs since I couldn’t stay on the well-worn path. 

I had to address what I noticed:

  • That the relationship between family and care providers is like an unwanted yet unavoidable marriage.

  • Two sides, where each has what the other needs in order to make sense of their roles, while trying to develop a well functioning relationship through a dysfunctional time.

Admission Day is a transactional, traumatic experience for everyone!

There are ways to develop a well-functioning relationship.

  • It starts with accepting the immense power and gravity of your role, which can’t be underestimated.

  • It starts with the knowledge that you don’t meet families walking through the door - you meet their grief.

  • It starts with an overhaul of your admission process that will change everyone’s experience for the better.

I’m thrilled to talk to you about it. Let’s get on the phone and connect.

You have a powerful opportunity to shape the culture of your home…and I’m here to help you do it.


You have a powerful opportunity to shape the culture of your home…and I’m here to help you do it.