Hi I’m Deborah – a Seniors Care consultant, coach, speaker and trainer who helps you build positive and healthy connections with your residents families in your seniors’ care home. 

Before running my own business, I worked in seniors care for 11 years in Operations and Human Resources. I left my corporate role so that I could help leaders and front-line staff (those of you who work directly with residents, families and your teams) to create better, healthier relationships and well, to be happier in the work that you do every day!

My mission is to help you reset and redesign your family relationships so you can restore pleasant and purposeful connections with your new and already established families in your home.

I lived through being a family member in seniors care. It all began when my husband Ty was rushed to emergency, and the doctors discovered what they called an “unusual brain disorder”.

...I knew, in that moment, our lives had just changed forever.

We would never go back to being the typical suburban parents of our two teenage and pre-teen kids.

That split second…when the doctor uttered what no family should ever have to hear, set us off in pursuit of a diagnosis and our journey through acute care, home care, community care and eventually long term care.

From admission day to his final days, it was incredibly surreal for me to be immersed in the business of seniors’ care while I became a customer as a resident’s wife.

Being on the residents’ family side of seniors’ care…when I had lived on the corporate side for so many years, allowed me to develop more empathy and compassion – for the families of residents as well as the staff who work tirelessly to provide great care and support to their clients.

This tragedy and transformation sparked my desire to help you transform your families into fans.

I help people like you approach the fast paced transactional admissions process differently.  I lived the painful journey of navigating the acute and seniors care system with my husband, my dad and my mom. 

I am driven by my compassion and commitment to convert this admissions process from transactional to transformational for your residents and families (your customers), and your staff. 

This is where RECIPE for Empathy: Six strategies to Transform your Families into Fans was born.  By integrating my personal and professional experience, I developed this powerful and pragmatic approach to helping staff and teams work with their residents' families to reinforce connections, reduce friction and drama, and raise satisfaction for everyone.

You have a powerful opportunity to shape the culture of your home…and I’m here to help you do it.


You have a powerful opportunity to shape the culture of your home…and I’m here to help you do it.