Redesign your admission process so that it's more effective, efficient, and significantly reduces the stress your staff, residents, and families feel on admission day and beyond.

✓ Optimize resources

✓ Empower staff

✓ Unleash positive change

Managing a seniors care home is no easy feat, with a rising elderly population, limited resources, and mountains of responsibility.

Admission day is one of the biggest stressors in the staff-family relationship. They are time consuming, don't always go as planned, and yet they are a standard operating process. The stakes are high, and ensuring the happiness of residents, staff, and family is a constant balancing act.


Imagine a care home where people thrive—an environment characterized by healthy staff morale, satisfied residents, and confident families. Our solution, The Admission Matters Program, will help you redesign your admission process so that it fosters happiness for staff, residents, and families, reducing stress, friction, and conflict, making your home and community stand out.

A Unique Approach to Senior Care Home Success

Our innovative program takes care homes to the next level, providing practical solutions ,addressing the admission day process, resource limitations and tailoring them to each home's unique challenges. We're not just consultants; we're lifelong partners in care.


We Understand and Empower Your Journey

Our founder, Deborah Bakti, has experienced both sides of seniors’ care, navigating her loved ones through their own long-term care living and ultimately their passings. Before losing her husband and parents, she worked on the corporate side of Seniors’ Care. This deep understanding enables her to serve your home with empathy and expertise.


Step 1: Book Your Free Call

Reach out and discuss your care home's unique challenges with us. We’ll develop a comprehensive custom solution for your home.

Step 2: Redesign Your Admission

Together, we’ll redesign your admission process so it saves time and minimizes stress for residents, families, and staff.

Step 3: Implement and Thrive

Put the plan into action and feel confident that your home is a place where resident’s thrive, staff are happy, and families flourish.

Praise for Admission Matters

Deborah has a presence that pulls the staff in, with her ‘dose of reality’ perspective from both the family and the care team side. She speaks our language and can articulate our reality in a way that you just feel seen and heard. Deborah also builds an interactive relationship of trust with the managers and care team staff, which created a level of buy in to the program like we haven’t seen before.

‌Deborah has given us the tools to be successful here. Nobody wants to end up in long term care, but how do we make it the best experience we can?

‌When we can change the perception of long term care, when we can have an impact on the narrative about long term care then we’ve done a good job.

‌Any operator that wants to make themselves a better organization will buy into the concept.

The Family Matters Program is truly one of the best investments a long term care home can make.

Audrey Clancy
Director of Administration, Father Lacombe Care Society

We brought Deborah in to work with three of our homes to help redesign our admission process.

Admission day is stressful for everyone involved. We knew with Deborah’s guidance and methodologies, we could make substantial improvements with how we onboard our residents’ families in a more relational and effective way, and to also support our staff to help them have a much smoother experience (and higher levels of engagement and satisfaction) on admission day.

We created a streamlined, effective admission experience by working with Deborah, and received positive feedback from families and staff that was well reflected in our satisfaction survey results.

We are now able to build trust and partnership with our families right from the start, and this increases our staff’s confidence and ability to work more effectively with families. At a time when we’re experiencing a strain on our staff resources, it’s more important than ever to give them the tools and ability to communicate and work with families in a positive and healthy way.

If you want to improve your admission process and strengthen your staff and family dynamics, I highly recommend working with Deborah and her Admission Matters Program.

Michael Harris
Vice President, Extendicare

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Care Home

Embrace a transformative experience with Think Breakthrough, and your care home will:

Foster stronger connections between residents, staff, and families
Confidently resolve staff and family dynamic challenges,
An aligned, efficient and relational admission process.
Build a positive culture for residents, families, and staff.
Become an exemplary care home loved by many.

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