Deborah Bakti

OLTCA Long Term Care Today Spring & Summer 2023 magazine article

By Deborah Bakti / October 23, 2023 /
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How did the family get to the point that they’re SO angry?

By Deborah Bakti / September 18, 2023 /

I was chatting with Carol, a friend of mine in the US who is also a retired physician. She was sharing a story where she had to deal with a patients’ spouse who was having a meltdown about a frustrating interaction with another health provider. As she was reflecting on the level of tension and…

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Are you creating a narrative for your residents’ families?

By Deborah Bakti / August 28, 2023 /

“Oh hey Deb, great to see you! I haven’t seen you in a while, have you been travelling?” That comment really got under my skin. I had been travelling for work, when I was an executive in Seniors’ Care, and I had been away for a week or so. This greeting came from a PSW…

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Equip your long term care staff to admit new residents with ease with the Admission Matters Program

Transforming Long-Term Care Admissions: The Success Story of Father Lacombe Care Society

By Deborah Bakti / August 21, 2023 /

In the world of long-term care, the admissions process has always been a complex and challenging journey. Balancing the needs of families, residents, and care teams can often feel like navigating a maze. That’s why, when Deborah spoke at the ACCA conference last fall, her message resonated deeply with the Father Lacombe Care Society. Little…

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What’s your aspirational identity for your residents’ families?

By Deborah Bakti / July 4, 2023 /

Meeting a new resident’s family can be an anxiety provoking time for care team members in seniors’ care. There’s the uncertainty of what the family will be like, how they feel about moving their loved one into care, and what their narratives and beliefs about seniors care is (and how much it’s been impacted by…

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We are most resilient in community

By Deborah Bakti / March 13, 2023 /

This was a statement I heard on a podcast (and so sorry, I wrote the quote down but not who said it) and it got me thinking about seniors care living and the communities they create. When someone makes the decision to move their loved one into long term care, they are painfully aware of…

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“What if everything I’ve been reading in the news about long-term care is true, and they don’t take good care of my mom?”

By Deborah Bakti / February 7, 2023 /

“What if everything I’ve been reading in the news about long-term care is true, and they don’t take good care of my mom?” This is the concern families have when they’re faced with the tough decision of moving their loved one into long-term care. Families are coming in, before even meeting you, with skepticism, doubt,…

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The time Ty cooked for a celebrity chef

By Deborah Bakti / September 28, 2022 /

When Ty was living in long-term care, most of the staff and residents didn’t know Ty cooked for a celebrity chef! It started with introverted me stepping WAY out of my comfort zone one day after church service. There he was – Graham Kerr (aka The Galloping Gourmet) standing with his wife Treena, and before…

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Lessons from Lawn Bowling

By Deborah Bakti / July 22, 2022 /

For the first time in my life, I lawn bowled! When I was in my twenties, I’d drive by the Seniors Centre and see the ‘old folks’ lawn bowling. I had the common misconception that lawn bowling was for old, retired people. I’m five weeks into my relocation and starting to get my bearings. I’m…

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A major life transition

By Deborah Bakti / July 6, 2022 /

I’m in my first month of a major life transition. I decided to move from the city I spent three quarters of my life (starting at age six) to another province that I had visited just a few times. I went all in, moving my stuff (most of which is still in storage), and drove…

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