How to avoid making bad news even worse…

By Deborah Bakti / August 19, 2021 /

I can still vividly recall the words of Ty’s neurologist when he pulled up the images from the MRI scan. “This looks like the brain of an 80 year old man with Alzheimers!   I sat there in disbelief that he said this out loud, in front of both of us sitting there, while still…

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Managing a family’s emotional journey

By Deborah Bakti / June 7, 2021 /

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How Hot is your Jalapeño?

By Deborah Bakti / May 19, 2021 /

During one of my Now What? Workshops, a participant shared this story. They had given a copy of Now What? to a new residents’ daughter and son on admission. About a week later, the daughter called the Administrator and said “I just finished reading the book. I realize that I’m a Jalapeno. So if and…

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