The Family Matters Program

Equip your long term care staff to admit new residents with ease with the Admission Matters Program

Transforming Long-Term Care Admissions: The Success Story of Father Lacombe Care Society

By Deborah Bakti / August 21, 2023 /

In the world of long-term care, the admissions process has always been a complex and challenging journey. Balancing the needs of families, residents, and care teams can often feel like navigating a maze. That’s why, when Deborah spoke at the ACCA conference last fall, her message resonated deeply with the Father Lacombe Care Society. Little…

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Do you have ‘passionate’ families in your Seniors’ Care community?

By Deborah Bakti / April 18, 2020 /

Ever deal with “difficult” families? Do you sometimes feel there’s nothing you can do to turn things around and have a better relationship with them? The family dynamic can make or break the culture of your home. In this video I share 3 ways you can be proactive and intentional with your approach and build…

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