Giving ‘Now What?’ to “Outsiders”

During a Now What? Workshop, one of the messages in the chat was this: “I think the Now What? book would also be great with “outsiders” like friends and families.”

I often have friends comment and say ‘Oh you work in long term care” like it’s a negative thing.

Because of all the misconceptions the media has associated with all LTC’s I know this is an awesome resource for staff and families but also for anyone who has these ideas about LTC”.

Here’s an opportunity to change the narrative about Long Term Care:

It’s not a quick fix by any means.

However, you can influence people’s perceptions, and misconceptions, one conversation at a time.

Now What? can be a conversation starter that sheds light on the important role long term care plays within our healthcare system. It’s an opportunity to bring families and staff together, as well as clear up the negative misconceptions that the media can sometimes paint – COVID certainly didn’t help with that.

I would love to change the narrative about long term care by lifting the veil on the industry as a whole, and I think all the knowledge and clarity ‘Now What?’ provides, can do that. It doesn’t just need to be for families going through it- it can be for anyone who doesn’t understand what long term care really is.

On that note- ‘Now What?’ will soon be in select Chapters! We’re so excited about this, and will send an update with which locations the book will be available in. Stay tuned!


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