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The COVID crisis has impacted your homes on so many levels; one of them being the relationships with your resident’s families. The constant negative media and special interest group activities fueled fear and skepticism for families, worry about their loved ones already in care, and/or their decision to admit a loved one.



As a Now What Starter Kit owner, we are excited to share with you, a solution that will help you build trust with your residents’ families.

“Now What?” is the book that provides insight and information that you want your families to have, which can clarify expectations and open up discussions to help strengthen this important relationship.

This resource can help make your jobs a bit easier by equipping your families with what they need to feel more comfortable with this big life change decision. How?

You share copies of the book with your families and after they read it, they'll be better prepared to manage their own emotional journey of placing their loved on in long term care.

 Want to know how to leverage the 5 books you received in your Now What Starter Kit? Download your essential guide here on how to make the most out of your kit!

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     Want to know how to leverage the books you received in your Now What Starter Kit? Download your essential guide here on how to make the most out of your kit!


      A drama-free admission experience for every family

      Better conversations & positive interactions for all stakeholders

      Fewer employee absences & increased productivity

      Improved quality and continuity of care for your residents

      Your staff deserve to feel more confident and competent in being able to communicate and connect with families across the board. The bonus? Families will gain your trust in the process.

      We recommend distributing your FIVE copies of Now What? books to:

      Family council Chair
      or member


      Team member



      Praise for "Now What?"


      Now What? is a wealth of information for families who are starting a new journey into LTC. Deb shares her personal experiences as a family member, which provide powerful insights into the fear, anxiety, and grief involved when a loved one is admitted to LTC. She also provides hope that the experience can be navigated with grace and thoughtfulness.

      Chris Baigrie

      Director of Operations, Extendicare

      LTC is a highly complex environment that can be very scary with a lot of unknowns. Deborah, through her own experience, finds a simplistic way to make LTC a friendly next chapter in a family’s life.

      Julius van Wyk

      Chief Operating Officer, Golden Life

      Now What? strikes the perfect balance between Deb’s professional and personal journey into the world of long term care. Her insightful lens balances funny and tender personal anecdotes with a roadmap to loving someone who lives in long term care. Now What reads like a supportive journal written by a friend who’s been there. This is the book I want our staff and new families to read, learn from, and enjoy.

      Kris Coventry

      Chief Operating Officer, Trillium Communities

      If each new family could receive a copy of this book, it would improve family/home relationships 100% in a short period of time and ongoing

      Barbara Tarrant

      Family member

      Deb's book is a pragmatic tool for families based on personal experience, a heart felt experience with professional insights and observations. Each persons journey is experienced in different and meaningful ways. This book is a guide that shines light on the pathway through the long term care journey in a concise and respectful tone.

      Shirlea Crook

      Founder and President, Care for Life Support Services

      As a registered Nurse and a person who has worked frontline and on the management for 20 plus years in Seniors care, both Long Term Care and assisted living you would think I would know the system.

      This is how I felt right up til the moment I had to make the decision to move my mom into care. It was emotional. I was mad, disappointed in myself and sad all at the same time. How do I do this to such a fierce and independent woman?

      This book with Deborah’s insight gave me the answers and realignment that I needed to navigate this challenge. You know what? We all survived since my dad passed and my mom has never been happier and well cared for.
      I have had the pleasure of being part of Deborah’s workshop. If you’re a healthcare worker or family member please attend one if you can. Her approach and vulnerability will give you the insight to navigate this significant life event as a team.

      Trent Regier

      CEO, Southern Alberta Community Living Association

      Download your essential guide here on how to make the most out of the Now What? Starter Kit!

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