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I’ll Help Transform The Culture Of Your Home Through Relationship-Building And Staff Engagement

As a busy administrator of a seniors’ care home, you shoulder many levels of responsibility.
  • When staff call in sick, you scramble to fill their position — and pay double with sick and replacement time.
  • When families complain you have to investigate, fill out paperwork and attend many meetings — this can leave you feeling worried about what can transpire.
  • When there are challenges with residents (like responsive behaviours), and your staff isn’t equipped or able to effectively respond to those challenges, you feel overwhelmed.

The burdens are heavy, emotionally taxing, and mentally cumbersome.

And with 50% of residents passing away on average each year, residents moving from one unit to another as their health declines, staff coming and going and Ministry pressures and regulations that feel like they change every two weeks…
… there is never a dull moment.

It’s no wonder you don’t have the time to focus on company culture and staff development.

You’re constantly in decision-making mode and it’s exhausting!

You can barely get five minutes to yourself — not to mention your family would love to see you from time to time, as well.

I understand where you’re coming from…
… and I feel for you.

But something has led you to my website and I’m so glad you’re here because I have a unique outlook on seniors’ care that many who work in the industry may never experience.

In fact, I HOPE never experience.

“I heard Deborah speak at a Conference in May 2018, and I have to say, I don’t remember the last time I heard a more passionate, real talk from a conference speaker. Deborah not only is willing to be extremely vulnerable in front of her audience, she actually has lived what she speaks of. Her perspectives and insights into the senior living sector are extremely enlightening and cause for pause to reflect on one’s own actions and reactions. I would highly recommend Deborah to consult on your senior living business or speak at your next conference. If you want to hear it “real” then Deborah will deliver”

– Robert A. Cunningham, Regional Business Development Manager, Healthcare Sysco Canada

I’ve Been There…

Catastrophe struck my family in 2006

It all began when my husband Ty was rushed to emergency, and doctors discovered what they called an “unusual brain disorder”.

I knew, in that moment, our lives had just changed forever.

We would never go back to being the typical suburban parents of one blossoming teenager and one soon-to-be pre-teen.

That split-second… when the doctor uttered what no family should ever have to hear, set us off in pursuit of a diagnosis and our journey through acute care, home care, community care and eventually long-term care.

From admission day to his final days, it was incredibly surreal for me to be immersed in the business of seniors’ care while I became a customer as a resident’s wife.

Being on the residents’ family side of seniors’ care… when I had lived on the corporate side for so many years, allowed me to develop more empathy and compassion for families of residents. As well as the staff who work tirelessly to provide great care and support to their clients.

And this tragedy and transformation is what sparked my desire to help you transform families into fans.

You have a powerful opportunity to shape the culture of your home…
And I am here to help you do it.

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If You Know You’re Ready For Change In Your Seniors’ Care Home…

Don’t wait to book the right program or consulting package for your home.

You deserve it.

Your staff deserves it.

And most importantly, your residents deserve it.

My passion is to share my insights and experience to help you and your home…
… because when you are more relational with your families, it benefits everyone.  

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“Your presentation at our National Conference was inspiring as well as practical and relevant. Our homes have already implemented ideas and strategies from The RECIPE and are getting positive results”.

Michael Harris, Vice President Long Term Care, EXTENDICARE

“Deborah, your presentation was incredible. The feedback has been nothing short of amazing. I want to thank you for sharing your heartfelt experience and your RECIPE framework for making fans of families. You certainly took our day to a new high.”

– Fraser Wilson, Vice President, Ontario Long-Term Care, CHARTWELL Retirement Residences

I really enjoyed your training session. And I especially liked hearing your side of the story about the admission process as sometimes things can get hairy and we may feel rushed. But in all fairness, we need to slow down and make the families and residents whose lives are changing on that day feel like they are our first priority.  If our day is busy we need to not let the family feel that pressure. Thank you, Deb, for sharing your story with us, it really made me think about how I approach the families and to also take their feelings into consideration a little more than I already do.

– Jessica K, Nursing Clerk