In my second book, Now What?, I have created a valuable resource for your new resident's family members, while supporting you as seniors' care providers who want healthy productive relationships with your families.

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Managing the‌ ‌Emotional‌ ‌Journey‌ ‌of‌ ‌Long‌ ‌Term‌ ‌Care‌

A valuable resource for both residents’ family members and care providers who want to foster a healthy positive relationship right from the start!

Did you know that almost 400 families in Canada go through the life-changing experience of entering a loved-one into long-term care, every single day?

While it’s a vital part of our health care system, it’s not an easy transition for anyone - including residents, their families, even for caregivers at the home.

After all, both family members and professionals in the long-term care industry are about to enter into a new relationship.


Now What? is a wealth of information for families who are starting a new journey into LTC. Deb shares her personal experiences as a family member, which provide powerful insights into the fear, anxiety, and grief involved when a loved one is admitted to LTC. She also provides hope that the experience can be navigated with grace and thoughtfulness.

Chris Baigrie

Director of Operations, Extendicare

LTC is a highly complex environment that can be very scary with a lot of unknowns.  Deborah, through her own experience, finds a simplistic way to make LTC a friendly next chapter in a family’s life.

Julius van Wyk

Chief Operating Officer, Golden Life

Now What? strikes the perfect balance between Deb’s professional and personal journey into the world of long term care. Her insightful lens balances funny and tender personal anecdotes with a roadmap to loving someone who lives in long term care. Now What reads like a supportive journal written by a friend who’s been there. This is the book I want our staff and new families to read, learn from, and enjoy. 

Kris Coventry

Chief Operating Officer, Trillium Communities

For Caregivers

Have you ever worried that a new resident’s family is going to struggle with transitioning a loved one into your home?

Do you find there are families with expectations that aren’t manageable? Or you wonder where they got their information on seniors’ care?

If you or your staff members are more anxious about dealing with a new family than your new resident, then this book will help you.

Now What? is a valuable resource you can offer new families to help them develop more connected relationships with staff.

  • It’s a way to be intentional and relational with your families
  • It provides a common language for families and your care team members
  • It’s a proactive way to clarify and adjust expectations and emotions – on both sides
  • It’s a way to support your care team members in their day-to-day interactions with families
  • It’s a way to acknowledge and truly see a new family as people who could be struggling with this decision and all of the challenging emotions that come with it
  • It’s a way to position yourself not only as a care provider but a human being who cares about your residents and their families too.

The tools in this book are designed to help you establish a Family Relationship Strategy and become true partners in care. After all, the beginning of your relationship with families is the key to partnership success.

Now more than ever, as we continue to deal with COVID-19 and the negative media focused on seniors’ care homes, family relationships, communication, and connection are critical! Sharing Now What? with new families is a way for you to take the lead in your relationship with them.

Now What? Managing the Emotional Journey of Long Term Care for Families is available for purchase here.

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For Family Members

I wrote this book for families as a playbook to help you better manage your emotional journey as you become a “resident’s family member.” I understand what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself as my husband and both my parents became residents in long term care, retirement and assisted living, from 2011 through to 2019.

At the time, I was also working as an executive in the seniors’ care sector. Yet, I still struggled with the emotional roller coaster and physical impact of being a resident’s family member.

Now What? will empower you to be an advocate for your loved one, while also developing strong and supportive relationships with the home’s care team.

  • It’s a way to transition into this important, new role with ease and grace
  • It provides strategies on how to invest in your own health and self-care while also supporting your loved-one
  • It answers 20 of the typical misconceptions new families may have about long term care
  • It provides a roadmap to help you work with grief and navigate your emotional journey
  • It helps you to build a strong relationship triangle between you, your loved one, and care providers
  • It’s designed to help you feel less alone and reassure you that your feelings and reactions are normal

Now What is a way to bridge the knowledge gap between what you know and what you don’t yet know. It’s the book I wish I had read!

Now What? Managing the Emotional Journey of Long Term Care for Families is available for purchase:

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If each new family could receive a copy of this book, it would improve family/home relationships 100% in a short period of time and ongoing

Barbara Tarrant

Family member

Debs book is a pragmatic tool for families based on personal experience, a heart felt experience with professional insights and observations. Each persons journey is experienced in different and meaningful ways. This book is a guide that shines light on the pathway through the long term care journey in a concise and respectful tone.

Shirlea Crook

Founder and President, Care for Life Support Services

As a registered Nurse and a person who has worked frontline and on the management for 20 plus years in Seniors care, both Long Term Care and assisted living you would think I would know the system.

This is how I felt right up til the moment I had to make the decision to move my mom into care. It was emotional. I was mad, disappointed in myself and sad all at the same time. How do I do this to such a fierce and independent woman?

This book with Deborah’s insight gave me the answers and realignment that I needed to navigate this challenge. You know what? We all survived since my dad passed and my mom has never been happier and well cared for.
I have had the pleasure or being part of Deborah’s workshop. If you’re a healthcare worker or family member please attend one if you can. Her approach and vulnerability will give you the insight to navigate this significant life event as a team.

Trent Regier

CEO, Southern Alberta Community Living Association

Deborah Bakti is a leadership consultant and former Seniors' Care executive. She is owner of THINK Breakthrough Inc., delivering workplace coaching, training and consulting to the Seniors' Care sector. Deborah is the proud mom of Taylor and Logan. She lives in Burlington, Ontario with her pug Kobe and cat Charlie.

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