The long-term care sector has endured one of the most devastating times through 2020 and currently with the COVID pandemic. With outbreaks, illness and deaths, and the constant negative media coverage and opinions, there have been many impacts:

  • Your care teams’ health and engagement (burnout, sick leave, turnover, grievances)

  • Increased costs to operate your homes with new regulations and requirements

  • Family frustration and anger with restricted visitation/access and fear of losing their loved ones

Admitting new residents into your home is a key process that typically happens a few times a week in most homes. With reduced occupancy due to the COVID crisis, you will soon be gearing up to get your occupancy levels back to ‘normal’ at 98% - 100%. Which means, you will also be needing to onboard new family members.

For families, admitting a loved one into long term care is an anxiety provoking time even when there isn’t a health crisis happening. So now, the fear and anxiety levels are heightened even more, because of all the news reports, social media posts, and stories they’ve seen and heard over the last year.

In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity

- Albert Einstein

Now’s the time to Take the Lead with how you onboard your new families. Now’s the time to Change the Narrative so that you are better able to navigate your families with an intentional, well thought out onboarding approach. Now’s the time to Build your Culture on the way in, one family at a time.

The Now What? program is the first step to doing this – as part of having a Family Relationship Strategy in your home.

This 90 minute workshop is designed to help you effectively use the Now What? book as a tool to empower and equip your care team members so that you can

  • Take the lead and be the guide your families need and want

  • Change the narrative by providing information to give families insight and knowledge

  • Build two-way empathy through curiosity and conversation

  • Clarify, manage and adjust expectations to avoid disappointment and complaints

  • Provide resources to your care team members so they can relate to and engage with families in a healthier way

  • Create shared understanding and language to improve communications

In this program you will learn:

  • How to introduce this book to your families to start the relationship on the right foot

  • Ways to engage your families to read Now What? and to share their feedback and questions for productive conversations and healthier outcomes

  • How to spark interest and buy in with your care team members

  • How you can integrate Now What? into your entire home’s culture with your staff and other families

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