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Now What? Managing the Emotional Journey of Long Term Care for Families is designed to be a valuable resource for the families of new residents, while also supporting seniors’ care providers who want to develop healthy, productive relationships with their families.

In her second book, Deborah shares her personal experience when she was faced with having to admit her husband, Ty, into long-term care. She takes readers through her journey, as well as offering practical ways to help them manage this life-changing event.

Deborah shares various frameworks she has developed, including the Seven A’s families transition through – from awareness to appreciation. Deborah also includes the PORCH Framework, a productive mindset she wrote about in RECIPE For Empathy.There is a chapter about the “Family Flavour Profile,” a concept Deborah shares in her Reclaim Your Culture Program. It’s designed to help families better understand how they positively or negatively impact the culture of their loved one’s home.

Now What? also covers some of the misconceptions families have of long-term care, to provide further insight and clarity. It’s designed to help both care givers and families avoid frustration and disappointment.

Most LTC and Senior’s Care Homes prefer to access the discount by purchasing a box of books to gift their new families. This book serves as a guide for families to transition into this new role and the long-term care culture with ease, grace, and awareness. For seniors’ care team members, it’s a way to deepen your connection with your families and build a strong foundation of trust, respect, and partnership.

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