RECIPE for Empathy: Six Strategies to Transform your Families into Fans in Seniors’ Care

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While working as an executive in the seniors’ care industry, Deborah Bakti’s professional and personal lives collided when her husband Ty, was diagnosed with a rare disease. When her husband was admitted to a long-term care home, Deborah was forced to adopt a new role; that of a resident’s wife.

You want your seniors’ care home to be one where staff are happy and engaged – even on the most challenging days. A home where you know how to establish a strong foundation of trust and respect, from your first interaction with a new resident and their family. One where your residents’ families rave about you to their family and friends.

In RECIPE for Empathy, Deborah discusses her experience from both perspectives; the business side and the client side. The book provides a powerful framework and practical tools for care providers to adopt a more relational approach to their workplace.

RECIPE for Empathy lays out six steps to develop new ways of thinking, communicating and connecting with residents and their families by design, not default.

It is a blueprint for approaching the admission experience with empathy.

Deborah Bakti is a leadership consultant and former Seniors’ Care executive. She is owner of THINK Breakthrough Inc., delivering workplace coaching, training and consulting to the Seniors’ Care sector. Deborah is the proud mom of Taylor and Logan. She lives in Burlington, Ontario with her cat Charlie.

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