Shift from frustration and overwhelm to being
trusted, respected and valued by your families

Redesign Your Culture ProgramTM

The COVID-19 crisis has taken its toll with your staff, residents and families. It has been one of the most devastating and challenging times that long term care has ever experienced.

For your families, negative media has only heightened their fears and worry. Some have lost their trust and confidence in you and your team. The relationships between your staff and your families have been significantly impacted.

  • Are you and your team worried that your families are going to ‘lose it’ when they see how much their loved one has changed over the past few months while not being able to visit and help care for them?

  • With all the hard work and care your staff have been dedicated to providing, how will they cope with this conflict?

  • And with the uncertainty and ongoing changes to visitation access, how can you stay connected with your families?

  • How will you manage your family’s expectations, and reactive emotions?

  • And…how will you ensure rules are followed, staff are supported, and this challenging time is managed as smooth and painless as possible?

Our customized program Redesign your Culture will enable you to onboard your families (both existing and new) into your home effectively to minimize the stress for everyone, through creating a Family Relationship Strategy.

The Redesign Your Culture program will deliver measurable and sustainable improvements to your home’s culture, while you continue to navigate through the uncertainty and requirements of our ‘new normal.’

Here are some of the benefits you will gain:

  • A step by step approach to turn this crisis into an opportunity to reset and re-onboard your families back into your home

  • Equip you and your team to design and implement a powerful family relations strategy that will strengthen your connection and communication with them

  • Reset and adjust expectations to minimize frustration and conflict with your families and staff

  • Tools to improve your staff morale and family engagement

  • Techniques to reduce the ‘lead fatigue’ and burnout of your management and staff

  • Strategies to improve communication and connection

With the Redesign your Culture program, you CAN shift from frustration and overwhelm to being trusted, respected and valued by your families.

This program is delivered virtually, with live facilitation, workbook and includes one on one coaching support while creating your Family Relationship Strategy.

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