Seniors' Care Matters Podcast

Inspiring interviews and insights to help you lead, connect and engage with your residents’ families and your staff. Strengthen your leadership presence and approach with practical tips to build a relational culture that delivers on what matters to your homes’ success.

Seniors’ Care is a busy, challenging place to work. As a leader, you’re dealing with competing priorities every day to keep residents safe and healthy, families happy, and staff engaged. It can be intense and rewarding. In this podcast we’ll be sharing ways to strengthen your abilities and equip you with new ways of thinking, relating and interacting.

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Seniors Care Podcast


Deborah Bakti is a leadership consultant, coach, speaker, trainer and author who helps leaders and teams build positive and healthy connections with their residents’ families in their seniors’ care homes.

Deborah was an executive in seniors’ care when she also became a customer – a residents wife. Her personal experience and business expertise provides a unique perspective that supports her clients who want to improve results.

Deborah works exclusively with Seniors’ Care organizations to help them redesign their culture to be more relational, less transactional, while creating moments that matter with leaders, staff, family and residents.