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Take the Lead and Create Healthy Family Relationships

Seniors’ Care is a busy fast paced environment. New resident admissions can be a regular occurrence. But for the family, this may be the first and only time they are admitting a loved one into Seniors’ Care. It’s a huge life change for them – one that’s filled with worry, fear and sadness.

In her keynote, Deborah shares how both your staff and families experience Admissions Anxiety. With an intentional approach, it’s possible to redesign the admissions process into an experience that creates a healthy connection with your new families right from the start. This important relationship contributes to a positive work and home environment for your staff and your residents.

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Transform family relationships into powerful partnerships.

Reduce friction and complaints to better manage expectations.

Expand your family’s emotional bandwidth while producing returns on staff’s capacity.

Get ready to leave with practical action steps you can implement immediately!


RECIPE for Transforming Families into Fans

While working in Seniors Care, Deborah’s personal and professional lives collided with a family health crisis that put them on a trajectory through the health care system and into the Seniors Care world as customers.

Through this personal experience and her professional knowledge of Seniors Care, Deborah created the RECIPE™ Framework to help Seniors Care homes take an intentional approach to build strong relationships with families based on trust, respect and partnership right from the start.

How relationships with new families begin is critical. The admissions meeting is an event that gets squeezed into an already busy day for staff. New families can feel like widgets on a production line, being transacted through all of the required paperwork and complicated processes.

Dissatisfied families negatively impact productivity, profitability and the overall culture of your Seniors Care home. Unresolved family concerns can spiral very quickly into conflict with staff and management, sometimes escalating into formal complaints, investigations and negative media.

The key to transforming family relationships rests in adopting a relational rather than transactional approach. When families are struggling with feelings of guilt, sadness and uncertainty, it's important for them to feel empathy, compassion and support from your team during this incredibly stressful time.

Building trust with family members will contribute to happier, engaged staff who are able to do more of the work that brought them to Seniors Care to begin with. And there's a bottom line impact when less time is spent reacting to or defending actions, burning out your people, and more time providing care and compassion to your residents and families.

Investing the time and focus up front, being intentional with how you welcome and engage new family members makes all the difference. Seniors Care is a people-service business, rooted in the relationships you create. This is a powerful way to set the foundation from the first interaction and build a path to exceptional outcomes and experiences.

Participants of the RECIPE workshop will be able to:

  • Develop trust through partnerships based on empathy and the RECIPE ingredients with families

  • Discover how subtle shifts in your Move-In and Care Conference processes can create a customer focused experience to transform the family relationship into a powerful partnership

  • Recognize how investing in expanding the family’s emotional capacity will produce returns on your staff member’s capacity

  • Identify default mindsets that can drive a wedge between staff and family, resulting in time and energy wasting activities, and how to reset to a growth and possibility mindset

Here's what participants have said:


"Your presentation was incredible. The feedback has been nothing short of amazing. You certainly took our day to a new high".

Fraser Wilson

Vice President Ontario Long Term Care, Chartwell retirement residences

"There are definitely many gold nuggets gained from that session that will be used to change our process to really make the Long Term Care stay a positive experience, starting day 1 of admission...THANK YOU!".

"Putting yourself in the shoes of a family member during admission to LTC really makes
you sit back and take stock- it's not about 'ticking the box' it's about how you made someone feel".

Group Comment

Participants from Jarlette Health Services

"Meeting Deborah and listening to her presentation was an emotional and transformative experience. Implementing the RECIPE has taught me how to let my guard down and create more positive relationships with residents families".

Marlies Hasselman

Assisted Living Coordinator Amica Dundas

I can help you build healthy family relationships built on trust, respect and partnerships.

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