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Senior care staff often face unrealistic expectations from residents' families, leading to conflicts, complaints, and tension. These situations can leave staff feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and ill-equipped to provide the best care possible, diverting valuable time and energy from their core responsibilities.

A well-trained and confident staff is essential for successfully navigating family dynamics in senior care homes.

By mastering effective communication skills and building trust through empathy and understanding, staff can mitigate conflicts and deliver exceptional care, resulting in happier residents and satisfied families.


Our comprehensive staff training program is specifically tailored for those working in senior care homes. Take the Lead focuses on relationship-building techniques and proven strategies designed to empower staff to effectively manage family expectations and foster collaboration between staff, residents, and their families.


We Understand Your Staff's Struggles and Aspirations

Working with seniors’ care homes, we've witnessed the challenges that staff face while managing relationships with residents' families.

Our founder, Deborah Bakti, worked as an executive in seniors’ care for 11 years, and during that time she became a resident’s family member three times, with her husband, mom, and dad.

Those life changing experiences inspired her to leave her corporate career in 2017 so she could focus on helping seniors care homes and residents' families relate, appreciate and help each other as partners in care. After all, they have the same goal in mind - quality of life and care for their loved one and resident.

With years of experience in educating and guiding professionals, we have the tools and expertise to enhance your staff's confidence, competence, and ability to work proactively with families.


Step 1: Book a Call

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Praise for Take the Lead

Taking what we learned from this program, we were able test it out immediately. We had a family welcome meeting before a resident moved into our memory care home. We asked them questions that we learned in our training. Then we spoke sharing common misconceptions (24 hour care doesn’t mean 1:1 care, falls will likely happen even though we do everything we can to prevent them etc.) The family felt so supported. The team felt supported by the family. It was such an honest transparent conversation and the move in for the resident has gone so well! Thank you for helping empower my team.

Jennifer Fulkerth
The Journey Club

Thank you to Deborah for providing our leadership team with an inspiring workshop. We have been using her books and tools to support residents and families as they are transitioning into long term care. Her real life experience is invaluable which helps support the key principles in the material. We are starting book clubs in our homes using the books to further support our families.

Kim Eros
Associate Director Clinical and Support Service, Niagara Region

Thank you so much for your inspiring talk and allowing us to have the opportunity to connect together as a team to share our experiences and stories.

I have learned a lot personally and I hope our care team will take the tools you’ve given them and continue to work on being curious, and closing the knowledge gap so we can all work harmoniously with our family members and fellow colleagues to provide the best care for our seniors.

Fiona Yeun
Recreation Therapist, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Multi-Level Care Society

Thank you for spending the day with our team. 1 week after the session we still had chatter about how much we learned. The energy of the team was present.

Even after 2 weeks we are still talking about it.

I have been in healthcare for 37 years and feel these kinds of conversations have lacked. The task orientated process, never talking about the feelings or emotions of either party. Hearing both sides of a story of the admission journey. Acknowledging the stress of the family and staff is vital to ensure smooth admissions.

Giving us the tools to enable us to make people feel safe, heard, and understood. Compassionate care and conversations are deliverable, you helped me understand the emotions are real. You deliver your message proud and clear, and with heart, I thank you!

Deborah Sims
Executive Director, peopleCare Communities

I met Deborah at a Leadership workshop with Shannex. Her presentation was both informative and emotional. I learned both with my head and my heart. Many people don't understand the intricacies of being a caregiver and all the needs that come with that, large and small, physical and emotional. Deborah has both worked in the business of caregiving and lived it personally. Her first hand representation offered such insight to myself and my colleagues. As both a provider and a caregiver myself, I strongly recommend Deborah's presentation and her two books to help anyone navigate the challenges we face in these roles. Thank you Deborah for making this journey a little easier. 

Lisa Tracz

General Manager, Parkland on the Glen

Envision Your Staff's Growth and Success

Discover the transformation that empowered and educated staff can bring to your senior care home. With Take the Lead, you can:

  • Foster a supportive, collaborative environment for staff, residents, and families.
  • Streamline communication and reduce conflicts by setting clear expectations.
  • Enhance staff morale and job satisfaction through empowerment and skill development.
  • Boost resident satisfaction and family engagement.
  • Drive impactful change in the way families and staff work together.

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