Transforming Long-Term Care Admissions: The Success Story of Father Lacombe Care Society

In the world of long-term care, the admissions process has always been a complex and challenging journey. Balancing the needs of families, residents, and care teams can often feel like navigating a maze. That’s why, when Deborah spoke at the ACCA conference last fall, her message resonated deeply with the Father Lacombe Care Society. Little did they know, this encounter would pave the way for a revolutionary transformation in their admissions process through Deborah’s Admission Matters Program.

Understanding the Frictions: Speaking the Same Language

Deborah immediately struck a chord with the Father Lacombe team as she spoke their language. Her empathetic understanding of the frustrations and challenges faced by long-term care homes in managing admissions and fostering positive family and resident relationships was evident. Every care center experiences these friction points, and Father Lacombe was no exception.

A Glimmer of Hope: The Family Matters Program

For Father Lacombe, the struggle to find a more effective admissions solution seemed like an ongoing battle. However, upon learning about Deborah’s Admission Matters Program, they saw a glimmer of hope. This program addressed their needs and concerns directly, offering a way to improve the admissions process.

Mapping the Journey: Insights into Admissions

The Admission Matters Program brought something unprecedented to the table for Father Lacombe: transparency and insight into their admissions process. Before this, they had no clear idea of how many staff members were involved in touching a resident during admission. Through process mapping sessions, their team realized the interconnectedness of their efforts and the importance of smooth information flow among all stakeholders.

Empowering Change: Making Lives Better

Father Lacombe’s motivation to enhance their admissions process was driven by a desire to improve the lives of both families and residents. By employing the Admission Matters Program, they believed they could set families on a better path and provide residents with a more positive experience.

Regaining Control: The Power of Difference

The program’s impact extended beyond improving admissions—it gave Father Lacombe a renewed sense of control. They realized that they could make a difference by influencing the experience families and residents had when entering their care center. This newfound empowerment fueled a sense of pride among the team.

Deborah’s Unique Approach: Building Trust and Engagement

Deborah’s presence and “dose of reality” perspective resonated deeply with Father Lacombe’s staff. She spoke their language and artfully conveyed their reality, creating an atmosphere of recognition and understanding. Her interactive approach built trust with managers and care team members, leading to a level of buy-in that exceeded expectations.

Equipping for Success: Tools for Improvement

Deborah’s guidance wasn’t just motivational—it was practical. Father Lacombe gained a toolkit of strategies to drive success. As Director of Administration Audrey Clancy put it, “Deborah has given us the tools to be successful here.” The goal was clear: to reshape perceptions of long-term care and offer an impactful experience to residents and their families.

The Ripple Effect: Changing the Narrative

Changing the perception of long-term care is a monumental task, but it’s one that Father Lacombe was eager to undertake. By embracing the Family Matters Program, they were contributing to a wider narrative shift in the industry. As Audrey Clancy succinctly stated, “When we can change the perception of long-term care, when we can have an impact on the narrative about long-term care then we’ve done a good job.”

A Call to Action: Embrace the Change

As a testament to their success, Father Lacombe Care Society wholeheartedly endorses the Admission Matters Program. To other long-term care operators seeking to elevate their organization, they extend an invitation: “Any operator that wants to make themselves a better organization will buy into the concept. The Admission Matters Program is truly one of the best investments a long-term care home can make.”

In conclusion, the story of Father Lacombe Care Society stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of long-term care admissions. Through Deborah’s Admission Matters Program, they’ve not only improved their processes but also set a precedent for positive change across the industry. By investing in the well-being of families and residents, they’ve embarked on a journey towards a brighter future for long-term care.


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