Inspirational And Practical Workshops To Build Better Leadership And Reduce Drama…

… In Your Seniors’ Care Home

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.”

Jim Carrey

Every day you and your dedicated staff show up and do your best to provide outstanding care for your residents.

They depend on you!

But sometimes the challenges of running a busy home can distract you and your staff from attending to the human side of your residents and their families.

Your home is busy… I get it! It’s hard to be everything to everyone.

But the truth is, you want your home to run with less drama and stronger leadership.

You love to nurture people in their time of need. But you rarely get time to enjoy this side of the business because you’re in constant reactive mode.

And it’s why I offer these two workshops.

They are designed to provide you with practical ways to shift how you interact with others, reduce drama and create better outcomes.