Leading By Design

Leading By Design

…The Power of Insight

As a leader, you impact and influence people and relationships every day.

The work pace does not slow down.

You are working in a time of distraction and reaction, and you don’t always give yourself the time to step back, self- assess, reflect and seek feedback — all key ingredients when you’re leading by design.

Unfortunately, you can sometimes find yourself leading by default.  

Let’s change that!

This workshop is designed to provide you with practical tools and frameworks to help you create resourceful and effective ways to impact and influence those you work with every day – with intention and purpose.

“Self-awareness is the greatest predictor of leadership success”

– Victor Lipman, Forbes Magazine

We will dive into the three critical areas of Insight that will support your ability to develop healthy relationships and shift unproductive interactions into highly engaged and productive ones.

In leadership, it starts from within.


  • Enhance your levels of self-awareness and encourage exploration with others
  • Understanding how you lead and influence others is impacted by self-awareness (or a lack of)
  • Discover how assessments can provide valuable insight and enhance how other people experience you


  • Distinguish between Observing and Absorbing, particularly when stress levels are high
  • Understand how one’s intention can positively or negatively influence behaviour and outcomes
  • Achieve better results through an intentional focus


  • Develop capacity and learning within your team through Appreciative Inquiry
  • Understand how blind spots can provide powerful insight and development
  • Improve your ability to receive feedback and strengthen how you provide feedback