RECIPE for Transforming Families into Fans

Develop A Transactional Relational Admissions Process In Your Seniors’ Care Home

The admissions meeting is an event that gets squeezed into an already busy day for your staff.

New families can feel like widgets on a production line, being transacted through all of the required paperwork and complicated processes

This can leave them feeling dissatisfied.

And these dissatisfied families can negatively impact productivity, profitability, and the overall culture of your seniors’ care home.

How relationships with new families begin is critical…

Because unresolved family concerns can spiral very quickly into conflict with staff and management. Sometimes escalating into formal complaints, investigations, and negative media.

This isn’t what you signed up for.

You are the leader of a seniors’ home because you care. You care about people and their well-being. But you haven’t felt that nurturing excitement you used to feel in the early days, in a long time.

You can’t. You’re too busy reacting to everything that’s going on.

But when families are struggling with feelings of guilt, sadness, and uncertainty, they need to feel empathy, compassion, and support from your team during this incredibly stressful time.

And the key to transforming family relationships rests in adopting a relational rather than transactional approach.

If you want a powerful way to set the foundation from the first interaction and build a path to exceptional outcomes and experiences…
… then the RECIPE for Transforming Families into Fans WORKSHOP is for you.

“My approach to solving problems completely changed with a shift in my mindset, and instead of being a victim I became a creator. Deborah’s framework “RECIPE for Transforming Families into Fans” is based on her personal experience, interactions, and outcome when her husband had to be admitted to a long-term care facility. Every time I listen to her I get more empowered to deal with situations that I would have given up on. Knowing the challenges in long-term care, using her recipe will make it a positive experience with your residents, their families, and your staff.”

– Renu Makroo – Menu Planning Consultant SGP
In this workshop I will teach you and your team how to:
  • Develop trust through partnerships based on empathy and the RECIPE ingredients with families.
  • Discover how subtle shifts in your move-in and care conference processes can create a customer-focused experience to transform the family relationship into a powerful partnership.
  • Recognize how investing in expanding the family’s emotional capacity will produce returns on your staff member’s capacity.
  • Identify default mindsets that can drive a wedge between staff and family, resulting in time and energy wasting activities, and how to reset to a growth and possibility mindset.

The 6 strategies I use in this workshop to build positive and healthy relationships include:


When you feel positive and happy, you will have more quality interactions with others.


Maintaining eye contact builds a sense of trust and connection.


When you are curious, you learn more. And seeking to understand increases empathy for others.


This is where you get to choose how to show up. Your intention will affect the outcome of your interactions.


Honour the space. When you are fully present you build trust, respect and partnership.


Be clear and communicate well to create win/win situations.

And you have THREE options to experience this transformative formula:

  1. A one-hour keynote.
  2. 3-hour interactive workshop that covers my 6-step RECIPE formula for turning families into fans through empathy.
  3. A one-day team session to learn and create new approaches and processes for your admissions experience.

WAIT! There’s more!

I wrote a book called RECIPE for EMPATHY: Six Strategies to Transform your Families Into Fans in Seniors’ Care.

In my book, I unpack each of these 6 strategies with practical and proven approaches.

It’s an excellent supplement to the interactive workshop and a valuable takeaway for each member of your staff.

The RECIPE will provide you with new ways of thinking, being, and communicating and connecting, that will enhance the lives of your residents and families… as well as your own.

What can RECIPE for Empathy do for YOU?

As a seniors’ care home leader, you’ll discover ways to support your team members so they can create trust with families and avoid conflict, friction and escalations.

Because when they can do that, you will have more time to care for your residents, and do the things that brought you to seniors’ care in the first place.

Admissions day team members will learn how your admissions process — which can be an emotionally tough day for the family — can be an experience of connection, caring and commitment. (Instead of anxiety, frustration and conflict).

I use personal stories throughout the book to illustrate the principles of the RECIPE in action.

Some of the stories reflect opportunities to deconstruct and redesign using the RECIPE strategies. And others show examples of how RECIPE principles work to enhance your relational experience.

RECIPE for Empathy talks about how small yet powerful changes to your admissions experience, can result in:

  • A drop in complaints
  • More time for staff to do work that actually matters
  • Happier, more engaged employees
  • Confident family members (who root for you and your staff)
  • Better care for residents – for real, not just as words on your website, and
  • A home that’s a pleasant environment for everyone — residents, families and staff.

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